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As many hospitals and medical centers are looking to find service contract for their old equipment and good source for spare parts, KSM is providing total complete solutions for medical equipment maintenance , we deliver our integrated services through our technical team to match our client needs in different segments. Approaching challenges from different perspectives — from Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM) to Corrective Maintenance through supplying of the spare parts , we support our clients through different ways of services contracts with expert advice that improves the effectiveness of their facility budgets and increase the efficiency of their equipment.



Collectively, KAYAN AL-SEHA MEDICAL (KSM) services provide a range of expertise and assistance that our clients needs in their facilities , also KSM can provide training programs for different medical equipment throughout the international companies for their technical team staff and improve their professional careers. Because each service provided by KSM is added value for the client , our entire collection of offerings is enhanced with every module . New ideas, knowledge, and technology lead to increasingly positive outcomes. KSM will provide the services for the following the segments

  • Radiology Equipment
  • Renal Equipment
  • Operation Rooms Equipment
  • Life Support Equipment
  • Sterilization Equipment

KSM Medical has substantial experience with servicing medical equipment systems. Additionally we only employ trained technical staff, ensuring the highest quality of service.

Your uptime will be at a maximum with a service contract from KSMMedical, as our spare part delivery time and engineer response time ensures a 98% uptime of your system. We can also customize the work hours of our engineers to fit your `specific needs, providing great flexibility at low cost.

The experience that we have with KSM Medical has been and still is very satisfactory due to various reasons. The first is the cost reduction gained through the service contracts compared to the agent for the same equipment which they are service provider. Also the service is fast and effective with an excellent treatment from the technical team as well as the commercial division offering a personalized technical service and flowing communication.